7004HA window pull

The following three models in the 7000 series have been presented with the motto “Straightforward and fun-loving”. These are slender, contemporary forms that are versatile in implementation. The Lilly model has a linear and severe effect from the front, however viewed from above it is characterized by a slight swing. Precisely this balanced combination of the two forms is the characteristic feature of the design.








Can be combined with:

Model 7000 «Lilly»
Model 7052/D70/55 F1-SAT




F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish
MS = brass extra-bright
MS-N = brass extra-bright unlacquered
MS-Cr = brass chrome plated
MS-Cr-SAT = brass chrome plated satin finish
E-SAT = stainless steel satin finish


Download this file (10_Model_7000_01.pdf)10_Model_7000_01.pdf173 kB
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