504HA window pull

The window furniture offering for casement windows and tilt & turn windows for the Model 500 Elegant, our classic from the Viennese »gilded age« of the late 19th century, is more refined than that of any of our other models. This variety and richness of design detail has become a rarity in our practical and extremely cost-oriented age. However for those who love to renovate in rich detail, this slow world of the Model Elegant is a world they will be pleased to discover.


(based on old designs from the late 19th century)







Can be combined with:

Model 500 «Elegant»
Model 552/562mH POL




MS = brass extra-bright
MS-N = brass extra-bright unlacquered
MS-Cr = brass chrome plated
MS-Cr-SAT = brass chrome plated satin finish
POL = aluminium extra-bright

Models on request:
MS-PVD = brass zircon-nitride coated

Download this file (10_Model_500_04.pdf)10_Model_500_04.pdf252 kB
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