1020 window fitting

In 1957 Ernst Oskwarek designed the Favorit model that became one of the greatest sales successes in the history of our company. In its heyday it enjoyed a market share of close to 80% of the Austrian market – a success story that is almost inconceivable today in light of the differentiated product offering. However it is not just the market conditions that were different in those days. The model Favorit was pure Zeitgeist; it represented the so-called «2nd Modern» of the post war era. As unbelievable as it sounds: Advertisements advised customers to remove the Alt-Wien model and to screw on the silver Favorit model with its streamlined form. Of course today we would never come up with that kind of ad copy. Nevertheless this form has become current again with the revival of designs from the 50s and 60s.







Can be combined with:

Model 1000 «Favorit»
Model 1052/1062 POL




F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish
F2 = aluminium new silver anodized
POL = aluminium extra-bright


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