Model 2554/D8

An L-shaped mitred and welded round tube made of stainless steel is probably the most timeless of all forms and presumably this is why it is also so popular with architects.
Stylistically this model that is distributed throughout the industry can be considered as «Early Modern». Thus it is the most modern of the classic lever handles. Since this form is shaped with such purity special value must be placed on execution of the details. Particular value is placed on a precise weld seam in the mitre and a cleanly worked lever handle end. And because the provisions for escape doors sensibly require a handle end that is bent back to the door, we have added the model 2500N to its side.

Design:    GRUNDMANN







Can be combined with:

2504HA window pull
with 90° latch




F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish

P-BE    = aluminium powder coated
E-SAT  = stainless steel satin finish
E-POL  = stainless steel extra-bright
Technical Details:
  WG4 Metal slide bearing (M)

  GEOS Ball bearing (K)
    Fire retardant according to DIN 18273FS
Category of use grade 4 ÖNORM EN 1906
Models on request:
E-MS-PVD = stainless steel brass-coloured zircon-nitride coated