Model 2454M/D8

Model 2400M is the classic round tube variant for profile frame doors. Consistently fashioned in one tube a thumb rest is offered with this product that guarantees sufficient safety clearance. Because the lever handle again is designed to turn in toward the door the hazard of getting caught in the lever handle can be virtually eliminated.

Design:    GRUNDMANN







F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish

P-BE    = aluminium powder coated
E-SAT  = stainless steel satin finish
E-POL  = stainless steel extra-bright
Technical Details:
  WG4 Metal slide bearing (M)

    Fire retardant according to DIN 18273FS
     Suited for emergency exit doors according to EN 179
Category of use grade 4 ÖNORM EN 1906
Models on request:
E-MS-PVD = stainless steel brass-coloured zircon-nitride coated

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