Model 1554Z/D8

Usually the builder’s desire is to use a single model of lever handle throughout the entire building. Regardless of whether these are fire-protection doors, escape doors, or profile frame doors – application areas that are really quite different and that impose strict measures on the door furniture. The Series Z enables adaptation of standard forms for profile frame doors. The outlet part is an Z-shaped neck piece in the problem area near the metal frame, which then can further transport the desired form in the handle. The standard lever handle can be inserted on the non-dangerous sloping side.

Lever handle design: Gottfried Palatin
Design Series Z:     SCHAEFER-DESIGN







Can be combined with:

1504HA window pull
with 90° latch




E-SAT  = stainless steel satin finish
Technical Details:
  WG4 Metal slide bearing (M)

  GEOS Ball bearing (K)
    Fire retardant according to DIN 18273FS
     Suited for emergency exit doors according to EN 179
Category of use grade 4 ÖNORM EN 1906

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