Commercial Bearings

Commercial fittings generally include a commercial bearing. This means they have a twisting handle mount with the plate and/or with the rose and the support structure in order to be better able to absorb tensile load that is exerted on the handle connection. GEOS commercial fittings are of high quality and are very well suited for use in situations with unusually high load factors, such as in schools, hospitals or authority offices, through the use of special types of bearings. 

GEOS ball bearing (K)

The handle is riveted in the inner ring of the ball bearing so that it is fully turnable.
The outer ring of the ball bearing is permanently worked into the rosette holder. This connection ensures an additional hold of the handle fittings on the door leaf and is characterized by its capacity to withstand high stresses in the axial and radial direction.
The ball bearing offers particular ease of movement and is maintenance free


The GEOS-ball bearing handles at least 1.000.000 times of open-close movements. This is 5 times more than the required capacity according to the standards of EN 1906 class 4.


WG4 metal slide bearing (M)

The slide bearing is made of brass. The handle is mounted tightly pivoted in the brass plain bearing. The brass bearing with different handle neck materials (aluminium or stainless steel) offers an ideal combination of bearing materials and suits best as commercial mounting.

The bearing is maintenance free.

Tested according to the standards of EN 1906 class 4: 200.000 times of open- close movements. Suited for offices, hotels and public buildings.

Guarantee period: 2 years

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