GEOS Special

Area of use «radiation protection doors»

ÖNORM S 5210 regulates the requirements for radiation protection doors. A specialist lock with two nuts and two cylinder penetrations is used because of the lead plates that are installed. We can offer our GEOS half fittings especially for this lock, mounted displaced from one another on the door leaf and individually on each side. This arrangement of lock and fitting prevents radiation passing through the door leaf when installed correctly. GEOS half handle fittings with a counterbracing pin 248 are used, as it is not permitted to drill or screw through the door leaf. The screws only on the rebate side are usually a problem (there is often only a wood thickness of 5mm - 6 mm available). For this reason we offer you rosette fittings with a special screw system against a counterplate with integrated M4 screws. The exact arrangement of the half handle fittings can be seen in this sketch.

Area of use «construction without obstacles»

Construction without obstacles is regulated in ÖNORM B 1600 and ÖNORM B 1601. Opening doors is often an obstacle that is difficult to overcome for people with special needs, children or people with a short-term handicap (e.g. a broken foot).
This is why we offer fittings for handicapped persons. A specialist WC solution is also available.

Area of use «corrosion risk»

Corrosion risk exists everywhere where the support structure of the fitting can come into contact with aggressive, corrosive liquids or vapour. In tunnels, for example the saliferous atmosphere can have an effect on the fittings and during cleaning of tunnels or slaughterhouses the cleaning materials can have a destructive effect on the material. Another example can be found in swimming pools, the chlorine atmosphere which can also cause damage, as can the use of fittings near the coast.  

We can the bestseller modell 1700 for all the above cases in the following material qualities:
→ for door handles in accordance with DIN 17 440, material no. 1.4401 (SUS 316, V4A)
→ for plates and/or rosettes 1.4404 (SUS 316, V4A)

Further important product specifications in the case of corrosion risk are as follows:
→ The support structure with connection screws and square pins is delivered in stainless steel 1.4301 (SUS 304, V2A) in this version.
→ Use of the door handle bearing D6G in round rosettes and D51G and/or D52G for short signs.


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