WG-Universal bearing| Roses D6 and backplates

Good slide characteristics and resistance to wear. The door handle bearing is maintenance free and can be exchanged simply if necessary.
The door handle bearing and rose support are manufactured in one piece.


WG slide bearing | D70 roses

The bearing has high resistance to wear and good slide properties and is thus maintenance free.
Door handle bearing and rose support are manufactured in one Piece.

Fittings with spring assistance

The spring assistance on the door handle guarantees the handle stays in the high position even when using locks with weak nut springs.
The following models can be supplied with spring assisted door handles:
→    Models 570/572, 970/972
→    All model combinations with D70 roses.
→    All model combinations with 1762(Z) plates

WG srainless steel bearung for brass Fittings in Commercial properties

Possible on model 500 Elegant, 600 Standard and 900 Old Vienna:
Stainless steel bearing. Door handle mounted for turning. This bearing combines a high quality commercial bearing with the appeal of a classic fitting and is thus particularly interesting in building renovations.


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