glass door lock

Glass door locks offer the same functionality as the rest of Grundmann's locking system. The lock itself has an automatic trap setting by means of an auxiliary trap and can be opened from the inside at any time. The reader is located in the external escutcheon, while the transmitter is housed in the protected indoor area.
  Technische Daten
  • Contact-free reading of MIFARE® data carriers with encrypted data transmission between the ID and reading units, read range 5-15 mm
  • Easy handling
  • Release the handle on the outside if not authorized
  • Always manually operated from the inside - escape door function according to EN 179
  • Stand-alone solution or software solutions available
  • Visual and audible signaling
  • Battery operation including battery status Monitoring
  • Up to 30.000 operations with a battery pack
  • Timer: Built-in real-time clock with date function, automatic daylight saving time changeover, and permanent on-time function
  • Rolling event memory (up to 4,000 Events)
  • Power supply: 2x1.5V lithium AAA L92 batteries
  • Antenna - IP45 degree of protection (optional)
  • Installation without wiring between door and frame and without additional door processing
  • Tamper-proof mounting (unlocking mechanism housed in the lock)
  • Mechanical emergency opening by means of profile cylinder possible
  • Temperature range: outside -20 ° C to + 60 ° C, inside: 0 ° C to + 60 ° C



F1-SAT = aluminium silver anodized satin finish
E-SAT = stainless steel satin finish



WG4 Metal slide bearing (M)
GEOS-Ball bearing (K)


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