TAC Expansion Tage

From Entrance Door up to a Complete Locking-system

A sensitive reader module, which already contains all the necessary components for future upgrades, ensures that locking plans can be easily and inexpensively adapted to new requirements at any time. Wireless master-key system solutions ensure exclusive comfort and effective cost savings during installation. System-upgrades are available at any time - without exchange of the hardware. The software can be upgraded within a modular system.


Basic stage - STAND ALONE

This is the ideal solution for small or construction-time facilities. The media can also be directly identified and/or erased here in the offline units without computer software.


TAC-Module 1: READ ONY

Based on the offline units, a PC access control software is additionally required in the read-only solution. Data can be transferred between the offline units and the PC by means of a programming device or a laptop. The time function, which is a time limit, is already integrated as a standard.


Combined with online wall readers, time recording terminals or table readers, the data can be directly transferred from the PC to the medium. Important information like the authorisation period, the locking of media or the information of the battery status are thus communicated swiftly and easily.


TAC-Module 3: HOTEL

Combined with a table scanner, the data can be directly transferred from the PC to the medium. With an interface to the respective hotel administration software, the data can be directly transferred.


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